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Neo4j is the leader in graph database technology. As the world’s most widely deployed graph database, we help global brands – including Comcast, NASA, UBS, and Volvo – to reveal and predict how people, processes, and systems are interrelated

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Using this relationships-first approach, applications built with Neo4j tackle connected data challenges such as analytics and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations, and knowledge graphs. Find out more at

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Bottomline Technology

Transforming business payments and processes for companies and financial institutions around the world. Obsessed with removing complexity. Automating and digitizing all that is possible. Every day.

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Transforming business payments and processes for companies and financial institutions around the world. Obsessed with removing complexity. Automating and digitizing all that is possible. Every day. Gain protection and peace of mind with Bottomline’s fraud prevention solutions for financial institutions

NICE Actimize

NICE Actimize, the industry’s largest and broadest provider of financial crime, anti-money laundering, enterprise fraud and compliance solutions is the leader in Autonomous Financial Crime Management.

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NICE Actimize, the industry’s largest and broadest provider of financial crime, anti-money laundering, enterprise fraud and compliance solutions is the leader in Autonomous Financial Crime Management. The Autonomous journey begins with NICE Actimize’s ActOne which fundamentally transforms financial crime investigations by introducing intelligent automation and visual storytelling for speed and accuracy. Intelligent automation saves time by enabling a virtual workforce of robots to collaborate with human investigators, while visual storytelling uncovers more risks by showing relationships between entities, alerts and cases in a visual manner. The Autonomous path continues with the release of X-Sight, NICE Actimize’s cloud-based Financial Crime Risk Management Platform-as-a-Service that breaks the limits on data and analytics by leveraging the cloud. Ready to get started? Get in touch at [email protected]

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Synectics Solutions

At Synectics Solutions we tailor our software services to address the specific data challenges our clients face, and so our solutions always meet their needs.

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For over 25 years we’ve worked with multiple national and international organisations to become a recognised leader in the provision of complex, data driven, software solutions that help our clients truly harness the power of their data.

As a company we are continually investing in and developing the latest technology to remain at the forefront of innovation. This commitment helps us to solve our clients’ current and future challenges and enables them to make faster, better decisions and ultimately to enjoy more success.


buguroo provides the most complete anti-fraud solution on the market for combatting all fraud use cases in the banking industry.

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According to the World Economic Forum (2019), cybercrime linked to online fraud is, for the third year running, one of the 5 biggest risks globally. And the banking sector is always one of the leaders in the financial losses associated with this criminal activity.  

By means of the fastest, most precise Behavioral Biometry and Malware Detection technology, developed with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, buguroo provides protection against any cyber-attack involving identity theft or customer manipulation, present in any online fraud. 

Through continuous monitoring, buguroo makes it possible to detect deviations or anomalies in the customer’s behavior in real time during the whole session, without creating any friction in the user’s experience, and even includes the service’s onboarding phases.  

Today, buguroo is a solid brand on the market, with more than 50 million users protected, used by some of the biggest banks in numerous countries. It has been recognized by analysts such as Gartner and received awards such as the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award 2018, among others.


Fcase fraud orchestration platform is the future of fraud operations, reducing fraud by 20% and fraud operations overheads by 40%. See the full picture of fraud with fcase.

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Three key features/benefits of the new product/innovation:


  • Fraud Automation
  • A global view of fraud (Case management, compliance reporting, automation, collaboration, APIs)
  • Continuous Adaptive Risk trust assessment


RSA® Business-Driven Security™ solutions link business context with security incidents to help organisations manage digital risk and protect what matters most.

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With award-winning cybersecurity solutions from RSA, a Dell Technologies business, organisations can detect and respond to advanced attacks; manage user identities and access; and reduce business risk, fraud and cybercrime. RSA solutions protect millions of users around the world and help more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies take command of their security posture and thrive in an uncertain, high-risk world.

Regulatory DataCorp

Regulatory DataCorp (RDC) provides intelligent, automated customer screening and monitoring solutions to help businesses comply with regulations and protect themselves against financial crime.

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Used and trusted by more than 1,000 banks and fintech companies across more than 100 countries, RDC maintains the world’s most relevant risk database consisting of PEP, sanctions and adverse media information.

This data, amassed over almost two decades, set the foundation for the industry’s first, true artificial intelligence solution for compliance screening – AI Review – capable of accurately predicting the decisions traditionally made by KYC analysts when reviewing customer screening alerts.


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IMTF provides financial technology solutions and regulatory compliance software to banks, financial institutions and other industries.

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Headquartered in Switzerland, IMTF is now one of the most comprehensive providers in the RegTech space. Services and products are delivered worldwide to enterprises and organisations of every dimension and customers in over 50 countries use IMTF’s solutions for growth opportunities, operational efficiency, compliance, risk control and to engage with customers across all channels. Main locations are Givisiez Fribourg, Basel and Zurich in Switzerland, and internationally IMTF operates through subsidiaries in Paris, Luxembourg, Vienna, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore.


In a world where we increasingly transact with people we never meet, GBG establishes trust between businesses and their customers.

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We help organisations quickly validate and verify the identity and location of customers.
We enable our customers to onboard as many good customers as quickly as possible. More good customers means greater growth and revenue, fewer bad customers equals operational and cost savings.

Our software products are built on an unparalleled depth and breadth of data obtained from over 200 global partners. Our innovative technology leads the world in location intelligence, detects fraud and enables us to verify the identity of 4.4 billion people globally. And, our team of experts ensure our customers are always armed with the most relevant information to help them succeed.

With over 19,000 customers in 79 countries, we work with some of the best-known businesses around the world, ranging from US eCommerce giants to Asia’s biggest banks, and European household brands. At some point in your week, you’ll use GBG tech without even knowing.

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Bleckwen: real-time explainable Machine Learning solution for financial crime detection and prevention.

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Adversarial by nature, fraud is constantly evolving and requires financial institutions to be ever more vigilant. We address the inadequacy of legacy rules-based systems which cannot adapt to the increasing need for real time payments and changing customer behaviours. In partnership with banks and financial institutions, we combine Behavioural Analytics with AI to provide an effective and robust response against financial crime. Bleckwen’s solution helps teams to focus on what is important, to reduce false positive, customer friction and costs of financial crime detection. Our white box approach enables them to reduce the time to manage alerts and to comply with increasing regulatory requirements.
With 35 people based in Paris, the company has already won 2 major customers since the product was released, including a tier-1 global bank. Bleckwen recently won 2019 EBA Day Fintech of the year and get the Finance Innovation certification in France, based on the innovation and dynamic nature of its fraud detection solution.

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Facepoint has taken advantage of enhancements in biometrics & AI to launch a new AML/KYC screening solution based on facial recognition that no longer relies on inefficient name-based data matching.

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After two years of research and development, Facepoint presents a new screening solution, “No name screening”. Combining a unique photographic database and state-of-the-art biometric matching technology, Facepoint enables institutions to biometrically identify persons of interest, such as criminals, terrorists and politically exposed persons. The solution supersedes conventional alphanumeric matching, using facial recognition in order to disambiguate potential matches, and massively reducing false-positive rates We believe that Facepoint’s solution will help the AML community to fight against financial crime in a more efficient way.

Early Risk Detection: Facepoint content allows for a near real-time identification of emerging threats beyond the scope of traditional watchlists

Customer journey acceleration: A quicker and more cost-effective identification of high-risk individuals accelerates customer onboarding processes

Massive reduction of false positives: Facial images are highly specific. Coupled with facial recognition technology, they drastically reduce false alert rates and costly manual verification.

Biometrics Only: addresses AML /CTF cases that only biometrics and facial recognition can resolve (

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